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The aims of the MYP Arts are to encourage and enable students to:

Create and present art
Develop skills specific to the discipline
Engage in a process of create exploration and (self) discovery
Make purposeful connections between investigation and practice
Understand the relationship between art and its contexts
Respond and reflect on art
Deepen their understanding of the world


Criteria A: Knowing and understanding (8)
Criteria B: Developing skills (8)
Criteria C: Creative thinking (8)
Criteria D: Responding (8)

Course structure and description:

At TISA students in M1-M3 participate in all three arts on offer; music, visual art and drama. In each of these courses students learn to analyse, create, and respond to works of art. In M4 and M5 students are asked to specialise in one or in some cases two of these art forms in order to be able to study it in more depth and gain more disciplinary grounding prior to entering the Diploma Program.

The MYP visual arts courses revolve around the creative process. Students engage with the work of both contemporary and past practitioners. Using their findings to inform their own creative decision-making and personal expression. Over the course of the 5 year program students have the opportunity to gain confidence in a variety of media including; drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, digital art, and mixed media. Students keep a process journal throughout to document their intentions, developing ideas, process, and reflections.

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