The TISA Board of Governors has nine members: the Board Chairman is appointed by BP Regional President, and BP appoints at least two additional members. One is nominated by the US Embassy, another member is nominated by the UK Embassy as well as one from the broader local business community as agreed by the Board. Two ex-officio members are elected to represent staff and parents, and the Director. Board members have considerable experience in a broad range of professional fields. The Board of Governors is responsible for protecting and ensuring the continued existence and future of the school. It sets the school’s strategy and establishes basic policies and major programmes. The Board delegates certain of its executive powers and duties to the Director to manage the school according to the Board’s policies. The relationship between the Board and the Director may be characterised as the split between strategy / policy and operations / administration. The Board limits itself to setting out the strategic direction of the school and to broad considerations of policy; the Director operates the school to implement the strategy and these policies. However, the Board of Governors retains the ultimate responsibility for the long-term viability and success of the school. The Board of Governors has clearly formulated policies set out in its comprehensive Board Policy Manual, a copy of which is available for consultation from the Director's Office. The Board meets monthly during term time, minutes are published to the community. The ongoing linkage between TISA and AIOC is maintained through the Board of Governors, whose Chair reports to the President of AIOC.

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