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The Lunch Catering at TISA is outsourced to KDK

TISA Menu May

ELC Menu May

Menu Options


  • Full Lunch: 1 Hot Lunch plus 1 Snack plus 1 Drink (Full lunch, inc. snack) This option is only available for students P3-P8. 
5.00 ₼
  • Hot Lunch: a choice of 2 main courses and 2 side dishes, 1 vegetable soup, dessert
3.50 ₼
  • Salad Bar: a choice of 3 salads
1.50 ₼
  • Sandwich and Drink
3.00 ₼
  • Drink: juice or bottled water
0.50 ₼

Purchase of Tickets

Lunch arrangements are online and based on student ID cards. It works as following: Parent visits page:, pays the amount of AZN he/she wishes to deposit. The parent allocates the deposited amount of money among his/her children. The parent also generates a PIN code for each child on the website. There are several workstations (Touchscreen, Card Reader and Cheque Printer) in front of the TISA canteen.

Student inputs the PIN code into the program through the touchscreens and gets his/her ID card read by the Card Reader, hence the ID card will be recognized by the system for further use. If the student has available balance on his/her card, menu will show up on the screen. The student selects the type of meal or combination-hot lunch, salad, sandwich, drink, upon confirmation a receipt is printed listing selected meals and price for each meal. The student passes the receipt to cafeteria personnel and gets served.

If the balance is below 15AZN, the system sends automatic messages to the parent’s e-mail to refill the child’s account balance. The system allows the student card to run at a negative balance up to - 15AZN, after which the card will be blocked until further refill. Parent is able to track his/her child’s account balance and purchase history online.

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