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We are celebrating our impressive IB Diploma results this year! The Class of 2021's journey has been an exciting one to say the least, but our learners have put in their best and the results are a clear reflection of their hard work.

Our students did outstandingly well. Our average score, 37 points, is 4 points above the World Average.

Our highest scoring student, Benji, became the first ever TISA student to achieve the maximum score of 45 points - an extraordinary result!. Incredibly, 10 of our graduating class scored 40+ points – the accepted threshold for entry to the world’s elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, etc.

We are so proud of our graduates for their accomplishments, especially during such a challenging year, and wish them the very best for the future as our freshest alumni!

TISA IB Diploma Statistics 2021


Averave Points

(4 above Worldwide)


Highest Score

(Max 45)

Average Grade
Diploma Pass Rate

Final IB Grades by Year

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