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TISA offers a research-based, highly effective English as an additional language (EAL) programme for students who are new to learning in English or continue to need English language support. At TISA the language of instruction is English, and each student needs to become a proficient user of English in order to access the curriculum.

EAL in Primary School EAL in Secondary School

All TISA teachers are considered language teachers, regardless of subject area, this enables students to be supported throughout the curriculum in their language development. In addition there is a comprehensive EAL programme to support learners who have had less exposure to English, or who speak English as a second, third or even fourth language.


Students are immersed in the language of their classroom, English. We recognize that young learners often learn best through natural, social interaction. The TISA nursery programme provide students who are new to English with the most advantageous type of language learning experience, play.


Students in the ELC are fully immersed in English as the language of instruction.  Language is learned primarily via real world connections through the PYP units of inquiry. Additionally, language is also taught in stand-alone lessons. This provides an intellectual framework to support conceptual development and critical thinking. We pay close attention to students’ individual language needs and abilities to ensure they participate fully in the programme and are able to reach their full potential (Making the PYP Happen 2009)

P3 - P8

In P3 and P4, EAL students are mainly supported in the homeroom class and sometimes in single subject classes. Occasionally a small group may be withdrawn for specific targets.

From P5 to P8 EAL students have three withdrawal lessons per week as well as in-class support. Language is taught within the context of the units of inquiry and involves students learning the language, learning about the language and learning through the language. (Halliday 1980, Making the PYP Happen, 2009)


Students are provided with EAL classes in order to strengthen their macro skills as well as assist them with their mainstream classes. Students also receive in-class support for subjects such as Science and Humanities.


EAL learners follow the IB Diploma English B course and can thereby gain a Bilingual Diploma.


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