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Every year I have been at TISA past graduates return to say hello and let us know how they are getting on with their university studies. It makes me proud that they speak so warmly about their time as TISA students and I am particularly struck by their appreciation for the individualised support they received from their teachers. The teaching staff understand that you can only really personalise learning if you get to know the students in your classroom as individuals. Everyday I see evidence of how this provides the foundation to help students achieve. From taking action to support the work of charities here in Baku, to finding unique and creative solutions to the challenges they face in their studies, the students here at TISA inspire the teaching staff as much as we hope to inspire them.

Kevin, Secondary School Teacher, I&S

TISA is a special community where people really support each other. The staff, as a whole, care about the students and each other. I am very proud and grateful to work with fantastic teacher assistants in the primary school, who work so hard to support students. I have been at TISA for several years and a major reason for this is the calibre of my colleagues. I am inspired by what I can learn from them every day.

The TISA faculty has a wealth of experience from around the world. This makes us open-minded and empathetic towards our students. This also gives us a very broad range of skills and experience to help us maintain high standards of teaching to engage students actively in learning every day.

Aileen Young, Admissions and Communications Coordinator

With such an international staff from around the globe the kids enjoy a great cultural diversity throughout their studies at TISA . They share more experiences with their peers and have an international awareness which is quite unique for children of this age. I am very glad of this, as our world is shrinking, and international tolerance and understanding is becoming of primary importance.

Laura, Parent

TISA’s educational experience is particularly well suited for students transitioning from international schools, and schools in the United States and United Kingdom. TISA provides students transferring from local schools in Azerbaijan with a world-class international education that also meets Azerbaijani national education requirements.

Maytham Al-Rubaye, Athletics and Activities Coordinator

The International School of Azerbaijan

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