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During the course of the 2021-2022 school year, TISA engaged in a strategic planning process designed to operationalize our vision for the future by providing clear strategic objectives, strategies, and action steps to achieve that desired future.  As a guiding document, the strategic plan allows us to stay focused on accomplishing our goals so that we can build the TISA of the future together. The structure and process used to develop the strategic plan was inclusive of all our stakeholders, including staff, students, and parents. The below chart shows how all stakeholders participated in the strategic planning process.

Board of Governors


Strategic Planning Steering Committee
(TISA Senior Leadership Team)

(Staff, Parents, Board members)

(Parents, Students, Staff)

Guide vision & strategic objectives


Approve process


Approve strategic plan


Guide vision & strategic objectives

Develop process

Lead process & finalize strategic plan

Communicate progress of plan

Work through strategic planning process

Gather input

Analyze data

Develop strategic objectives

Lead sub-committee work

Work through strategic planning process

Develop strategies and action steps connected to the strategic objectives

Provide input and feedback through CIS accreditation survey

Participate in focus groups

Have representatives serve in steering and sub-committees

Mission Review

Through the previous strategic planning process, the vision and mission statements were revised.  As the statements remain true to our vision for the future of TISA today, we did not change the wording but reinterpreted our understanding of the mission to increase our focus on student learning. The current vision and mission statements are below:


Engage, Empower, and Inspire.


We engage as thoughtful, generous and resilient members of our local and global communities,
taking action in Azerbaijan and beyond;

We empower one another to pursue personal and academic challenges
with courage and a growth mindset;

We inspire life-long, authentic and principled learning
to create our best future together.

Our strategic plan is framed around five identified pillars of our organization.  Each pillar represents a key area of operations within TISA that directly impacts our ability to live out our vision and mission. Each pillar has an associated belief statement that was developed during our most recent strategic planning process.

  1. Teaching and Learning 
  2. Learning Environment 
  3. Leadership and Growth 
  4. Student Well Being and Community 
  5. Governance and Finance 

TISA Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Updates

Highlights of our 2022-2023 School Year Accomplishments 

Teaching & Learning

Learning Environment

Leadership & Growth

Student Well Being & Community

Governance & Finance

1.1.1 Adopted the AERO Math Standards to increase rigor and align our math pathway 

1.1.2 Introduce and compete in the CEESA MathCounts competition

1.2.2 Reinstated the MAP assessment to evaluate and monitor student progress against international standards

1.3.3 Provided differentiation training based on Carol Ann Tomlinson for all teaching staff to improve student learning

2.1.1 Adopted and implemented the Standard Response Protocol to increase school safety

2.1.2 Repaired elevator in TISA 5 to increase access

2.1.3 Provided locks to every classroom door

2.2.1 Upgraded student technology with a purchase of 110 new macbooks and 50 iPads

3.1.1 Designated a staff member to liaise directly with the PTA to improve communication

3.1.2 Hosted 21 parent workshops and informational meetings

3.2.2 Revised behavior management plan and “re-set” protocols throughout campus

3.3.1 Developed an Inclusion Statement

4.1.1 Organized service in action trips in the community

4.2.1 Revised professional learning plan for staff and provided professional learning related to collaborative planning, differentiation, and learning support

5.1.2 Updated the website to increase visibility for the Board of Governors

5.2.2 Repaired the HVAC system in TISA 5 and made other minor repairs to the facilities

5.2.3 Purchased new furniture and created a DP Lounge

5.3.2 Joined the CCAAIBWS and actively participated in CEESA and other professional learning organizations

23-24 School Year Progress Updates


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