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MYP Drama Overview
The Middle Years Drama course aims to develop students’ ability to be creative and critical thinkers, communicators and problem-solvers. Through a range of individual and collaborative tasks, students explore a range of cultural traditions and theories that inform and impact on their own artistic and social perspectives as individuals and as theatre-makers. Each unit of Inquiry encourages a theoretical and practical exploration, that culminates into a performance piece. Students are encouraged to develop their self-confidence through these performances and then to reflect upon the process and outcomes of their experiences.

  • The assessment Drama criteria are as follows:
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Developing Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Response

Rehearsal work is observed and students have an opportunity to critique peers' work. Practical work is assessed ‘live'. In addition students are assessed on written components and presentations on features of practices, skills and ideas that they have been researching.

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