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Music is fundamental to the human condition—it is an essential source of communication, expression and understanding.

Studying music prepares children for lifetime involvement with music not only as audience members, but also as active participants in performing and creating, thereby enabling them to contribute to the richness and beauty of their own culture.

TISA has developed a music program, in which students are actively engaged in performing, creating and responding to music. The TISA Music program values and promotes the qualities outlined in the school’s guiding principles. Through the study of music, students are encouraged to be more comfortable with the scope of their own feelings and more considerate of the feelings of others. At the beginning of M1 students are asked if they understand why they listen to the music they listen to. By the end of M3 they should be armed with enough understanding of music and the musical elements to answer this question. Through M4 and M5, students focus more on their individual abilities in music. They are expected to perform publicly and devise compositions in various styles using music software. Throughout M4 and M5, students also develop their analytical understanding of Music this is to prepare students for studying music at the Diploma level.

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