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Databases & Subscriptions Wishlist

The TISA Library has two dedicated spaces - one in the Primary School and one in the Secondary School. These are spaces for the whole community to read, research, and collaborate. Our library has an extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and electronic resources for children, teens, and adults.

Students in all grades are welcome to borrow books before and after school. In addition, students in P1-P8 have dedicated borrowing time each week. Parents and staff are encouraged to borrow materials from all of our libraries. Students, parents, and staff may also access our electronic resources from on and off campus through our databases & subscriptions. These sites include the TISA online catalog and a range of online encyclopedias, databases, and periodicals.

All members of the TISA community are welcome to make recommendations to the library through our library wishlist. We will consider all recommendations as part of collection development.

World Languages Collection

In addition to our extensive English language collection, we are building a collection of materials in the 40+ languages spoken at TISA. Materials in many of these languages can be difficult to obtain, so we encourage all members of the community to donate books to help us promote language diversity at TISA.

Library Hours and Contact Information

Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 Primary and Secondary Libraries

For any questions, please contact our Library Resource Coordinator: Jessica

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