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At TISA we recognise that technology should serve a vital role in preparing our students for life in an ever-changing, technology-dependent, inter-connected world. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated into everyday learning in meaningful ways, enhancing collaboration among students, helping teachers with delivering differentiated instruction and empowering students and teachers to learn and share in ways that were previously inconceivable. Learning through ICT at TISA facilitates the development of communication, social awareness and research skills, as well as being a tool for the presentation of learning. Our digital citizenship curriculum ensures that all students learn about online safety and responsible use in an age appropriate manner.
Primary students at TISA have access to an individual iPad (P3 - P6) or MacBook (P7 - P8) with a standard set of software as part of the 1 to 1 Technology Program. Examples of software used include: iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMotion, Explain Everything, BookCreator, Comic Life, Kidspiration, and Pages. Students have access to digital reading materials, mathematics software and a popular keyboarding program called TypingClub. All devices are kept at school. In the Early Learning Centre there are plenty of shared iPads available too

A Vision for Technology Use at TISA

Our students will effectively and responsibly connect and communicate locally and globally. They will continually inquire and reflect, express their understanding and engage in authentic individual and collaborative learning. The integration and application of technology in teaching and learning will facilitate and enhance these skills and knowledge.

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