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Two dazzling evenings featuring TISA's Talent!

TISA's Cabaret Variety Show featured performances inspired by the tradition of boîte entertainment and the diverse potpourri of student engagement. Candlelight ambience, hors d'oeuvres catering and dinner style seating set the tone for the evening's vast array of entertainment and artistry on stage. From instrumental pop to heartwarming ballads, every student at TISA has the chance to shine with empowerment. Audiences sat entranced with wine glasses in hand. Just in time for CEESA's Speech and Debate hosted by TISA, the Cabaret provided the perfect rehearsal environment for our competitors the following morning. From our youngest M1 performers to our soon-to-be graduates, The Hall was filled with music, poetry, drama and light for two full evenings of TISA's Talent. Stay tuned to the TISA Talent Soundcloud page to hear highlights from the TISA's Cabaret Variety Show performances.

TISA Talent SoundCloud:

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