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The Canterville Ghost

Who dares mock the spirit of Sir Simon de Canterville?

This year’s High School production was a comedy adaptation by Tim Kelly of the Oscar Wilde novel, The Canterville Ghost.  Preparations began back in May with auditions and casting.  After the summer, we got straight into rehearsals with the actors, light and sound technicians.

Being of a ghostly nature, we tied in the story with the theme of Halloween. The play was staged at the Rashid Behbudov Theatre in downtown Baku; a venue that has been one of our favourites over the past 5 years.  The theatre’s ornate interior design and chandeliers seemed to suit the setting of our play perfectly.

The cast ranged from M4-DP1, with the support of student technicians operating sound, lighting, smoke machines, handling props, costume, makeup, designing artwork, selling tickets and a whole range of other behind the scenes work.  Throughout our planning and rehearsal process, the students took on a large number of creative choices; from the way the characters walked and talked, to the way they interacted with the audience. It never ceases to amaze how much effort the students dedicate in supporting one another and how their creativity leads to such imaginative ideas.

The performances took place on October 29th and 30th to audiences that laughed (and sometimes squealed in fright) at the characters on stage who gave bold and comedic performances.  When remembering that some of those actors were nervous in their auditions back in May (and from the first rehearsals where they were so shy even being around one another) it is a true celebration, not only of their successes with a great show,  but also of the journeys they went on in order to get there.

Congratulations and well done to the cast and crew of The Canterville Ghost!

Every year we produce a work of art and with that we create a new family and Canterville was no different; we laughed together, we bickered together, we rose together, and most importantly, we supported each other. The play wouldn't have been what it was without everyone working together and I feel fortunate to have been a part of this project".

- Masha, DP1

 Being a part of the play is something that I was a bit hesitant to do at first, but now, looking back, I am very glad that I did. I had the opportunity to make new friends, which was very important, especially as someone who is new to TISA, also we were able to put on an amazing show, which was an added benefit ".

- Savar, M4

 The play truly changed my mindset in school, I had so much fun being myself and bonding so well with my friends. Although it was hard work, the outcome was worth it, Ms Martyn and Ms Caskie really brought the play to life. I will be endlessly grateful to them for helping me keep my passion for acting".

- Nazrin, M5

 This is my first time participating in a TISA High School play, however I had been looking forward to it ever since my experience being part of the choir in We Will Rock You watching the fantastic actors at the time. Being part of this production was like a dream come true and it was all thanks to the amazing cast and staff that made the adventure 100% worth it."

- Sebastian, M4


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