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Language in the Early Years at TISA is taught in all areas of learning, children learn through language, about language and experience all components of the IBPYP parts of language (oral language, speaking and listening, reading and writing).

We believe it is vital that children have the language skills to understand real world concepts, construct, transfer and apply meaning. This language does not need to be English.

We believe that the importance of developing a child’s mother tongue is foremost for the child to construct meaning about the world around them and make connections of what is happening in the classroom. The ELC at TISA hold the belief that building a strong foundation in mother tongue helps children acquire a second language or even a third language more fluently, and with a deep understanding.

We firmly encourage all learners to continue to be exposed to their mother tongue at home. It helps not only with the acquisition of English language but with social-emotional ties with the home culture and society.

Children in the ELC will be immersed all day in the ELC with English as the language of instruction. Language is taught through the Units of Inquiry where it fits authentically with real world connections. It is also taught in ‘stand-alone’ lessons. 'It (Language) provides an intellectual framework to support conceptual development and critical thinking. This means that schools (the ELC at TISA) pay close attention to students’ language needs and abilities to ensure they participate fully in the programme and are able to reach their full potential,’ (Making the PYP Happen 2009). There are no specific pull out or specialist EAL classes in the ELC.

Each day there are specific language lessons dedicated to learning about language. These include learning skills needed to develop early readers and early writers. These dedicated language lessons are often held in the form of stand alone lessons. It explicitly taught to make connections between oral language, reading and writing. Learning through language happens daily and it is when students are learning through language and are making connections through the Units of Inquiry but also through daily interactions and play.

Please do visit us or your child’s teacher to find out more about the language program in the ELC.

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