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"Although the story of Orpheus teaches us to not look back on the past, this short summary is an exception!"
DP2 student Emily shares her impressions about the play.
Despite some troublesome weather, the high school students presented a play in a very unconventional space: outside the Old Gym. Recreating the classic Greek Amphitheatre tested the student’s skills in filling the space, projection and introduced choral speaking.

The atmosphere of the show speaks for itself, from the voices of the actors echoing across the field, to the slowing darkening sky as Orpheus descended into the underworld. But for now, we will look toward the future of TISA’s theatre productions, where we will continue to persevere and create outstanding shows.

I admire everybody's willingness to try something new every year. I am always impressed by their commitment and dedication through the rehearsal process, and their unweavering belief to make it a success"

                                                                                      -Sofia Martyn, MYP Drama & DP Theatre teacher 

 As a musician this play helped me develop my skills in creating atmosphere and texture to the show
                                                                                      -Sam, M5

Orpheus made me proud to be a part of this group. We worked as a team, a team that made the small components of the show that made into one large working organism.

                                                                                    -Dilara, DP2 


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