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This celebration marked
International Mother Language Day, a day celebrated worldwide on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. At TISA we have an extremely rich cultural diversity having over 50 different Mother Tongues throughout the school. In the run up to the day, Creative Writing Club, led by Ms Anna Sudra ran a fabulous activity Humans of TISA, which became a collaborative art piece. Each student in Secondary was asked to share part of their story.

Students began the day with a whole school activity where Primary and Secondary students came together to learn songs various languages.

Secondary students spent the rest of the day attending multiple student-led workshops run in 14 different languages: Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic dialects, Norwegian, Italian, Hindi, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasia Indonesia, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Greek, German and one of the ethnic languages of Azerbaijan, Xinaluq. M5 Student Sami Muduroglu also organised for representatives from 6 embassies to run workshops for TISA students and some guest students from the UNHCR Centre. Thank you to the Embassies of Costa Rica, UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Tajikistan and Switzerland for participating.

‘Hearing so many different languages and doing activities with students of all different ages that I usually don't speak to often"

‘The best thing for me was seeing the diversity that we have around the school and being able to look at specific aspects of that culture."


We had a wonderful dual language assembly with special guest speakers and amazing student performances. His Excellency Rodrigo Labardini - Ambassador of Mexico to Azerbaijan returned to TISA for the second consecutive year and spoke to us this time about indigenous languages in Mexico. Aynura Garibova more commonly known as Aynura of Xinaliq spoke to us in her native Xinaliq language about her amazing success story - being the first girl ever from Xinaliq to go to university.

                                                              video: Tisa festival of languages 2019

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