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M4 French students successfully finished the Unit “Movie and Technology” by producing a film based on the environmental problems in their countries. Despite some difficulties related to the pandemic situation the students managed to overcome the obstacles and evinced creative approach to the project.

“I really liked the cinema unit as it allowed me to learn about what and how certain things are done in order to make a film, TV show, or even just a good video whilst learning and improving my French. I learned a lot more facts about water pollution specifically in Hungary as well as what it takes to make a proper video and I am happy with my final project”. - Lea   

“In this unit I learned quite a lot about the different roles of people who work on making films. More specifically, screenwriters and producers.”  - Aylin                 


“I learned a lot about the structure of a movie and about writing summaries of movies. As well as that, I was able to learn a lot of new vocabulary throughout the unit. This was one of the most exciting units I have done mainly because I really like technology and I also like watching movies. So by combining both of them, it made this unit and the project really fun to work on.” - Harrish   

“I liked this unit because it gave us an opportunity to voice our opinion on environmental problems.” - Minishree

Gulnara Umayeva | MS French Teacher

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