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Find the Secondary Sports Day on Photostream!

The Sports Day is one of our students' favourite "Whole Secondary" activities of the year, an engaging and inspiring show of sportsmanship and teamwork that involves students P8 to DP1 coming together to win the coveted Trophy. The students battle over four events to gain as many points for their house as possible. The annual Tug-O-War concludes the event, brining the festivities to a close on a high note. This years winner was the BLUE house, regaining their dominance in the event by just one point, in a closest-fought Sports Day competition ever. Gooooo Sports Day!

“Sports Day is something that everyone can look forward to, with a variety of activities. There are both individual and team events, where you get to work with people who you might not normally work with across the school.”

“It never gets old and it's full of of fun events that you didn't even know existed!

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