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Students from M5 Design have been enlisting help from experts around the globe to support their product development. This week they had a webinar with experts in Ergonomics from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors in the United Kingdom. Students were given a presentation and were able to ask questions about Ergonomics and how this discipline related to their products but also their everyday lives.

I thought that was really useful and realising that even in the design of a publication, communicating effectively with people is all part of ergonomics!

- Nastassja, M5

The conclusion from the students was that good or bad Ergonomics is something that impacts their lives throughout everyday, it is about making your life simpler and safer by taking account of human characteristics when we design things. Hopefully some students will see how ergonomics could be a career choice in the future!

It was interesting to know that a lot of what I already do is about ergonomics, including presenting work so my teachers can follow and grade it effectively.

- Naomi, M5

Wow. So many different potential careers in one job!

- Togrul, M5

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