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I didn't think I could learn that much about IB Theatre in three days, let alone have that much fun doing it!

Caroline, DP2

As members of ISTA, The International Schools Theatre Association, we have recently had the great pleasure of inviting Mr. Dinos Aristidou to TISA to work with our DP students on a 3-day "Artist-in-Residence" masterclass.

Dinos is the Writer in Residence for the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, UK and runs the "Writing for Performance" programme at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. Furthermore, he is a Principal Examiner for the IB Theatre programme. Over three intensive days, students covered a range of skills from directing, Japanese theatre conventions, Verbatim Theatre, to adapting a Greek play for the stage. The workshops were delivered with a particular focus on training the students to understand the assessment requirements for the DP Theatre course.

A large number of doors have opened, and I have experienced IB Theatre like never before.

Alejandro, DP1

It has undoubtedly been an enriching and invaluable experience for our students who have demonstrated fantastic interest and enthusiasm throughout the workshop. We hope that they will continue to be inspired and open to exploring new skills in the future.

There was something both so fun and so productive about this entire workshop. Every day when I would come back home I would be shattered both mentally and physically - but absolutely in the best way possible! I learnt so much not only about the DP assessments at their core, but also about how deep theatre can go through education and performance. Above all it has me inspired and ready to continue on my theatre journey, remembering that I should "get out of the shallows..." Thank you, Dinos for coming and spending three memorable days with us!

Emily, DP1

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