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I liked the part where the elves pulled the Ogre’s nose hair, and the ogres chased them!

- Sophie, P5

Approximately sixty students were involved in creating and performing the TISA 75-minute Primary Musical: The Dragon Within.” About half the cast was made up of the chorus of TISA Singers, led by Ms. Lidija. They practice and perform at concerts throughout the year, and they graciously added their voices to our show to help us create a full, dynamic sound. Most of the others, the actors, began way back in September 2017, creating their characters, making plot suggestions, and writing dialogue. With the help of Ms. Lala, eight of the students wrote music and/or lyrics for our songs. The students were polished and professional. Some learned as many as ninety lines and delivered them with enthusiasm.

I liked the Dragon Drama because it was funny! And I liked it when one person found all the strawberries!

- Amber, P5

“The Dragon Within” follows the story of the inhabitants of Elf Town, a village of underground cave-dwellers made up of Ogres, Elves, Mermaidens, Fairies, Dwarves, and “Others”. They are scratching out a living growing “mush flowers” and “sapples”, but they are hoping for a little more. One of them claims there is a vast treasure hidden in the caverns, but there is a catch. It is guarded by six fearsome dragons...

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