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In P3, the children have been exploring food processing and distribution within our Unit of Inquiry - “How We Organize Ourselves”. This has been a exciting unit of discovery into where our food comes from.

We made bread, chocolate, cheese, granola bars and butter! We watched videos that explained how farms work, what happens in factories and how the food finally gets to the shelf in the store. The children inquired about various foods, and showed their learning by drawing multi-step pictures of how food gets from the farm, to our plate!

To further the literacy learning during the unit, the children learned to write recipes, and other procedures that require multiple steps. Of course, you can’t talk about food without talking about what is healthy and what is not. P3 children made their own ‘healthy snack’ out of clay posted to their blog explaining what they made and how they know it is healthy.

If you have a child in P3 (or any age!) we encourage you to take them shopping with you and keep inquiring about where food comes from, and how to make healthy choices when you buy food.

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