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Find the P8 Open House on Photostream!

My mum and I loved all the activities. We especially liked working together in visual arts to make a mask.

- Ida, P5

The TISA Primary School has now hosted a number of Open Houses focusing on the students' latest Unit of Inquiry: "How We Express Ourselves." Built around the central idea of communication through traditional arts, the students in P5, P7 and P8 inquired into the ways we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; and our appreciation of the aesthetic. This learning was then displayed in a creative and engaging manner at the Open Houses - to an audience of parents and teachers.

Find the P5 Open House on Photostream!

I reflected on my story " How Lion Got a Mane" with my Mum and Dad. They loved my story!

- Madeleine, P5

The "How We Express Ourselves" Open House was a unique opportunity for the P8s to start thinking about how they will present their ideas and research for PYP Exhibition next year. The PYP Exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your learning, have fun, cooperate, and become more knowledgeable - last year it was built around the central idea: "People Working Together to Take Responsible Action Can Change the World."

I liked singing "Glorious" and presenting the work to my parents, because I got to show them what I have been doing.

- Valentina, P8

We learned a lot and we learned how to express ourselves and how to show our feeling and emotions.

- Maya, P8

The parents got a hands-on experience of Teaching & Learning at TISA - having engaged our young learners through traditional visual arts, lively folk-music performances, and the empowering effects of technology. The students shared share the ‘traditional’ folk-tales they have written and work with the parents on a mathematics challenge.Technology played an integral part at the P5 Open House, where parents had the opportunity to experience Seesaw from a different point of view - students and parents worked together to post items on Seesaw and reflect on the learning.

Daddy and I loved coming to Open House and seeing all the fantastic work. It was great for us to learn about your How We Express Ourselves unit and see how the ideas are connected.

- Annika's Mum, P5

The use of technology in the learning environment was also abundant at the P8 Open House. The students used cameras, video, digital crafting & painting tools, and even a 3D Printer! Watch below to see how Ben used Sketchup and a 3D printer to create mini-3D model of a Mayan Temple:

Check out our interactive Calendar to see the schedule for the upcoming Open Houses, with a Science and Maths focus.

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