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I can speak on behalf of the high school boys when I say that this has been a transition years for us, we have had great success in CEESA, winning our first tournament, in junior varsity football. We can all be proud of our achievements and be optimistic for the years ahead.

- Toby, DP1

A first full year of CEESA Athletics and activities featured remarkable performances from everyone in their teams. A year which saw nine TISA teams embark on trips to foreign lands after medals and trophies. Competitive internationally and dominant locally, 2016-17 saw TISA excel in all SRAA Tournaments.

The year was kicked off with Football and Volleyball, the most popular sports among TISA students. Multiple teams for all divisions turned up to win the SRAA tournament, where Senior Girls and Junior Boys enjoyed total dominance (getting gold in both sports), while Senior Boys and Junior Girls snatched the gold in Football. These same athletes travelled across Europe from Moscow to Prague, representing TISA on an international stage. With varying levels of success, all teams returned back to Baku with something to be proud of. Sportsmanship awards were won by both the Senior Boys Volleyball Team and Junior Girls Football Team. The Senior and Junior Boys Football Teams returned with trophies of their own - the winner trophies, no less, with medals to match. Later in the year, volleyball trips were taken by both Junior teams, both going to Kiev and returning with sportsmanship trophies to match fellow TISA Football teams. It was a successful season for all of TISA’s athletes, and will only get better next year with the newest generation of TISA athletes looking to fill their predecessors' shoes.

Having dominated regionally for many years, CEESA was a new test internationally for TISA and this year we participated in more sports which were volleyball, football and basketball. Our performances in all competitions in and out of Baku have made me proud to be a TISA student.

- Ellis, M3

Going into the winter, the Basketball and Swimming seasons loomed large - with a trip per each sport, athletes had an opportunity to showcase their individual talents and the strength of TISA’s squad as a whole . A strong local showing at the TISA Invitational further marked a great finish to the season for all our athletes. With a much smaller squad than many others, the cards were already stacked against the TISA Senior Boys in Warsaw, but they fought strong and returned home with a respectable 4th finish and a sportsmanship award. The TISA Titans Swimming Team, spearheading the school's burgeoning swimming programme, travelled to Moscow to try and make a splash in the CEESA Swimming Tournament. They returned home with many personal bests and a gold for the Senior Girls to celebrate. Swimming is inching closer toward its heyday at TISA and more of the success should continue in the years ahead.

The Track and Field season ended TISA’s sports year on a high. With many new faces and a higher-than-ever turnout, our titans set their eyes upon dominance locally in Azerbaijan with a strong showing in the SRAA. With every division ultimately being won by a set of TISA athletes, this year saw a galore medals being taken home. The Senior Girls in particular set the SRAA alight, getting a medal in every single event. Next year the TISA Track and Field athletes hope to take the strong showing abroad, and bring home some of their own CEESA gold.

The volleyball trip to Prague was great, we were a young team competing​ against varsity teams, next year we will be back and hopefully win.

- Sam, M4

We, the TISA Titans, believe that the successes achieved this year can be repeated next year, and not only in the local tournaments but all across Europe. Moreover, with TISA hosting CEESA Tournaments, we can look forward to welcoming athletes from Europe and challenging them on our home turf. We welcome everyone next year to come along, test their skills and represent TISA in Europe.

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