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Thank you all for joining us for HEART BURN , this years DP2 art exhibition. The exhibition is an culmination of two years of hard work. The exhibition included a wide variety of styles and media, ranging from detailed pen drawings to interactive video installations. The students expressed messages of both global and personal relevance. Some pieces that really stood out are; Anoushkas two meter tall three-dimensional recreation of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man exploring the different facets of being human, Rena's detailed pen drawing title "click it" that reminded the audience how easy is to impact another persons life with just one click, and Fatima's joyful oil painting of herself in hammock with vibrant colours and rich textures. Each of the students has really developed their style and artistic voice. We wish them the best of luck as they head into the world, and look forward to hearing their names in the art world in the future.

Read More in the Artists' Own Words:

Anoushka - "Aumentar"

I wanted to guide the audience through stages of life. I used a huge variety of media and styles such as oil, ink, watercolour, acrylic, realistic and graphic, throughout the collection to represent all the phases, cycles and challenges of life as a human trying to traverse the world to the best of your ability. The ideas that I explored all connect to the overall theme of development and the exploration of the personalities within you, and around you.

Fatima - "Joie de la Vie"

We as individuals are in charge of our own happiness and joy. This is the main message I wanted to communicate to my audience. My vision for my art exhibition is to have a collection of artworks that evoke positive emotion in the audience. Personally I found my own path to happiness through being more appreciative of the little moments in life, being generally more positive and appreciating my culture. I wanted the audience to not only view my exhibition as a collection if artworks with a positive energy but also wanted the audience to reflect on themselves and what they put out into the world and weather that has a positive impact.

Rena - "Error 404"

As an artist i’m intrigued by the way that society influences the way we perceive ourselves, others and even what we personally value. All of my pieces are social commentaries, more specifically I examine stereotyping and beauty constructs in our society. I have titled my exhibition “Error: 404”, to show how our values and opinions are misconstrued by society. I want the audience to be able to spend a moment to stop and gain an understanding of my view on the events that take place in our everyday lives that we often tend to acknowledge and then pass by blindly.

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