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TISA Performing Arts talents are rehearsing and getting ready to act out the newest rendition of the "The Ash Girl, a play by Timberlake Wertenbaker. “The Ash Girl” revolves around its title character, huddled deep in the ashy hearth of the old house, where she lives under the thumb of her stepmother and stepsisters. To be performed by the ensemble of TISA students on October 4th and 5th, “The Ash Girl” will bring a a dark, mysterious and medieval world to life.

We are into the last week before the event itself, with tickets on sale in the Primary and Secondary Receptions and the SRA @ TISA. The performance will take place at the Rashid Behbudov Theatre in the heart of Baku's cultural scene, to the enjoyment of fellow students, parents, community and our guests from throughout the city.

Our Cast Talks About the Play and the Rehearsal Process!

Here's what the play is all about: When an invitation to The Ball arrives at the Ash girl's house, from Prince Amir, she can't bring herself to believe that she, like her sisters, can go. With her mother dead and her father away, she must learn to fight the monsters that have slithered and insinuated their way into her heart and mind. This drama explores the beauty and terror inherent in growing up.

As part of the preparation for the show, we will update the TISA community with short snippets from the rehearsals in a fun visual format. Let’s get watching (and rehearsing)!

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