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How does one put into words a summary of the last academic year?  How can we document the last school year ? Should we even do this? 

These were the questions we were asking ourselves when brainstorming about a possible  yearbook to look back at this school year 2020/21.

It was clear to us that no collection of quotes, adjectives, reflections or nouns could accurately capture what we, as a community, have gone through in 20/21.  

But images can.  

And then we knew what to do, and the idea of our Look Back took shape.

In the following  pages, you’ll find carefully selected snapshots of what we, the TISA community, embody, what we live for, and how we support one another.  

We engage - empower - inspire

And so, we are honoured to present a special edition TISA publication, 

The “Look Back"

memories of a year unlike any other.


Your LookBack Editing Team

Andrea, Khanim and Bri

Educate students and adults on Safeguarding and Child Protection

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