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We are happy to finally announce the arrival of the high school production, Pandora's Box! Pandora's Box is a play that was written, acted, and directed entirely by the TISA high school students, with help and guidance from Ms. Riley. The play of “Pandora Box” is inspired by the Myth of Pandora. According to the myth, as the fire god, Prometheus steals the fire from heaven, Zeus, the king of god, takes revenge by presenting Pandora’s box to Epimetheus, Prometheus brother. Due to Pandora’s curiosity, she opens the jar, containing sickness, death, violence, death and other evils that were released into the face of the world. But, there is hope! The blessings preserved for the human race flies out over the Earth to make a happier world for everyone! 

We encourage all students to watch our short production that we are all so proud of, and we truly hope that you'll enjoy it.

Kate Riley | Secondary Drama 

The International School of Azerbaijan

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