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MYP Music Curriculum Showcase

The TISA community is invited to empower our music students by visiting the MYP Music Showcase on our Digital Stage in Padlet and SoundCloud starting today, February 19th through the 26th. Here you can engage by browsing and commenting on the IB MYP Arts Curriculum performance assessments of our talented student body during the second arts rotation. The Showcase features the assessment performances from the rigorous IB MYP Arts Curriculum and the journey documented in each student journal. Here, students upload their performance practice demos where they engage in dialogue and inspire one another through feedback and constructive criticism to become the best version of themselves through the arts. Links to the Digital Stage of each MYP Music class and their curriculum unit are listed below:

M1 A: Sound Architecture

M2 B: Musical Elements in Action

M3 A: Leadership through Music

M4 & M5: Speaking in Code

Thank you for visiting our MYP Music student's Digital Stage. We are excited to share all of the curriculum-focused work our students are creating. 

Haley Kallenberg | Secondary Music

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