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Dear Secondary Principal and DP History Teacher, 

I am emailing you to express my gratitude to you and TISA for being a large part of my education. Now being 20 and having grown in TISA for 14 years, I should not overlook how much you and the faculty have helped me become who I am today. I was recently selected alongside with 150 participants out of 1200 applicants from 75+ countries to participate in a forum called the Young Diplomats Forum in Brussels for a week where I discussed the future of Brexit, US relations with EU, the EU's stance towards Putin and implications of digital progress within politics.

These discussions took place in venues including the European Commission, the European Parliament, Flemish Parliament, Egmont Palace and NATO. Whilst I was astounded by where I was and with whom I was surrounded by, I could not help but reminisce on my childhood - how this all started from my participation in MUN that took place in the staff room, the balanced way of thinking DP History Teacher had taught us, (Also recalled how other students and I were drawn parallel to dictators in our graduation video and me being Stalin was so on point) and how I asked the both you to read through my personal statement. Though I am not currently in Baku to personally thank you, I found it was necessary to say thank you from afar.

Aside from the education you provided us, thank you for your patience towards us as students and the wisdom you shared with us before we left to university. I am currently helping a TISA DP2 student with her personal statement as she is also applying for law. Knowing how difficult it is, I recall I was exploring uncharted waters when I was applying for law school. I send my gratitude for your efforts in drafting and reading over my personal statement over seven times when I was her age and though we take it for granted when we are young and rebellious, we remember the people who helped us when we come closer to our goals.

I send my 'Hello's' to everyone back home and hope you keep inspiring the future generation. I attached some pictures from the forum and in one of them I am being awarded by Mrs. Bénédicte Frankinet, Advisor to Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Former Permanent Representative to UN. 

Wishing all the best to the faculty and the students in TISA.

The International School of Azerbaijan

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