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INCLUSION REVOLUTION IS HERE: December 2-4, 2022 and on demand for 4 months!

I am presenting Nurture Neurodiversity Awareness- Growing Inclusive Practices for All Exceptionalities:

We special educators and administrators are perpetually promoting inclusion and collaboration between all student stakeholders, but how can we realistically expand a school's inclusive practices, especially with the stigma that learning support still carries in many cultures?

In this talk, I am suggesting that we can grow a school’s inclusive practices through the addition of an extended learning program within the scope of the learning support department. In this way, students, parents and teachers may begin to reevaluate their perspective on what learning support really means and entails.

In other words, as the school community recognises the predominance of twice exceptionalities within the gifted and talented population, it may gradually shift its culture of inclusion and collaboration towards nurturing neurodiversity awareness in all learners. By embracing elements of structured, personalised learning systems to support high impact teaching strategies that benefit all exceptionalities, we special educators can create a sea change in a learning community to promote student agency and learner empowerment across a school.

Register and see you there:

Joanna Brown-Babich, Ed.M. | Secondary Learning Support Coordinator

The International School of Azerbaijan

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