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This week P6 students took part in a sponsored walkathon to raise money for a local orphanage as part of their unit on Children's Rights. The challenge was to walk 3 miles around Stonepay carrying a backpack full of books! The students were excited to take action to support children who are less privileged. Our goal is to raise at least 1000 AZN to buy educational materials to support access to education. Gunel Isakova, who works with the children living in care homes will be returning to TISA to receive the donation in the coming weeks. Watch out to see if the P6 students managed to raise the 1000 AZN target!

Additionally, students in P6 took action by raising awareness of Children's Rights at TISA and in the wider community. Together we created a PSA video, sharing many of the rights children should have. Students had the opportunity to share a right in a different language to speak to our international community. We hope you enjoy the video.

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