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These past few weeks in M3 TAO have seen us exploring new skills, having a little fun and testing ourselves in interesting ways.  A few weeks ago we tried to learn a string puzzle called Jacob’s ladder.  Some of us got tied up in it but others created the ladder.  Do any parents remember this from your childhood?  Get a piece of string and try it out!   Another week we went on an alphabet scavenger hunt.  This had us trying to find items that started with an O or a Z.  Some of us were able to find some difficult letters in some fun ways!!  One week we played crazy games where we found ourselves saying ridiculous sounds in conversation while having our meeting.  It was insane and lots of fun!!  Last week we found ourselves finding a quiet space to reflect and notice something that we may have not noticed before.  We were encouraged to go outside but some of us found ourselves in a room that we do not spend too much time in and had some moments to think about a flower, a spot on the wall, the sky or anything that caught our eye.  It was a quiet activity that grounded us and allowed us to move throughout the day noticing new things.  This week we look at some optical illusion drawings to find out more of our personalities.  An activity that will be interesting to find out more of ourselves - maybe we will find out something new!  This year TAO in M3 has been a space to touch base with each other, feel connected, feel heard, and do something a little different in the day - it’s been awesome!!

Romita Khindria | Secondary Math teacher

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