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Congratulations to the TISA singers for their incredible effort at the CEESA MS Choir Festival. Huge thanks to all the children who have attended choir each week and especially to the parents who supported them to become a part of the CEESA MS Choir.

 The TISA choir have had a very busy start to January 2020. The children sang almost every day in order to prepare for this big festival. It was amazing to see how dedicated our students were when they have committed to represent TISA for the first time at such a huge and outstanding event. All the lessons of hard work and effective collaboration paid off eventually. The TISA singers sang beautifully and were a real credit to our school.  We were thrilled to hear so many wonderful things about our group and how well they had sung at the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall. The students managed to get out of their comfort zones showing the ability to do much more. One of our students was even selected to perform a solo part during the festival, demonstrating that the new challenges never scare TISA students! As someone said: "A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there". 

With this in mind, I wish to continue our incredible choir experience in the upcoming future to meet new challenges and opportunities along the way. Enjoy your success!! Who knows,  maybe we will host  CEESA choir one day soon!  

Nigar Javadova | Music and Drama Teacher 

Please click below for a direct link to our live stream.

"The choir experience was overall something very exciting and new. As someone who has never been to CEESA, I was very eager to go on this trip. It was very different from normal CEESA because of instead competition we were all working together to make music. If anyone is not sure about joining, I would highly recommend it, being in a choir and making harmonies or being with friends seeing a new country was an experience I will always think of"  Maria Dickerson, M1

"CEESA was a great experience for me because it was the first time I wasn’t competing against other schools. I was able to enjoy myself and not worry about whether or not my team was going to lose. The only person I had to beat was my personal best" Ruby Jones,M3

"I loved going to Serbia too, I am really grateful that I got to go on this amazing experience, I really enjoy the atmosphere of being in Choir, I really liked being and practising with my friends but also people who I became friends with on the trip. We not only made friends but we also made great memories together which I am sure I will never forget. I didn't know most of my choir-mates but we made a huge bond together on the trip and everything we spent many hours training on all worked out in the end and was a huge success. I would say our final performance was better than we imagined. I definitely improved my singing whilst on the trip, we learned different vocal warm-ups and many songs. Overall I love being in a choir because we go through everything together and rely on each other, I would definitely suggest joining Choir"  Karina Quinn, M1

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