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On March 15th, we will celebrate Earth Tuesday (Torpaq çərşənbəsi) or the  Last Tuesday before the Novruz holiday. This Tuesday is Azerbaijan’s favorite and most important day of the year, when people are expected to demonstrate the best of their characteristics - benevolence, hospitality and humanity. On Earth Tuesday  young people secretly eavesdrop on conversations inside neighbors’ houses. If the conversation they hear is positive, then their wishes will come true. People believe that everyone must celebrate the Earth Tuesday in their own home, otherwise they will celebrate Novruz away from home for 7 years. Families prepare a xonça, a festive tray filled with nuts and sweets. They place a səməni in the middle of the tray filled with painted eggs, a variety of nuts and traditional pastries. Lighting  a candle for each family member and jumping over a bonfire are important rituals that are carried out on  Earth Tuesday. Candles should be lit in every house for each member of the family, which is a sign of unity. Each family member chooses a candle and makes a wish and whoever’s candle burns the longest will have their wish come true. 

Please join us this coming Tuesday, on the 15th of March to support the Student Council and celebrate this great event by wearing green and brown.

Happy Earth Tuesday ! 🌿   

Torpaq çərşənbəniz mübarək! 🌿  

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