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As student learning becomes more visible with the use of Seesaw in Primary and as the number of reasons for taking photos and video increases throughout the school, the hard-working and dedicated teaching assistants engaged in several photography workshops during the past term.

The goal was two-fold: to become familiar and comfortable with the ever-changing Camera iOS app and to learn several composition techniques to enable us to take better photos.

The teaching assistants practiced focusing and looking at a subject from different perspectives, they thought about the background and composing shots using ‘rule of thirds’ or details composition techniques. They shared their own knowledge and learned from each other, as well as finding time to laugh and have fun with photography.

As a final project, the teaching assistants were asked to think about what TISA means to them. Although almost impossible to sum up in 2-3 photos, they had to think of ways to show this through photography. The assistants submitted entries to the show, TISA Through the Eyes of the Teaching Assistant. Primary teachers were asked to vote for their top five photos from this show and the winners are shared below. They will be printed and displayed prominently in TISA.  Congratulations to Narmina Kazimova (P3LN), Jamila Mamuhdova (P5J), Ayten Mollayeva (P3LV), Rashad Mirzoyev (P.E.) and Nurana Azizova (P6J). Thank you to everybody who submitted entries.

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