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Thursday the 1st of  November in P7 saw a flurry of excitement and coffee cups as we welcomed parents into our classrooms. Parents were invited to participate in  a Mathematics lesson to support their understanding of our philosophy and approach to Mathematics education. All of the P7 classes had already embarked on a unit exploring multiplication and division strategies. Students were split into two smaller groups in each class to that provide a more intimate experience for both students and parents to work and discuss their learning (and challenges) together. All of the classes had slightly different lessons for their groups as we are always adapting our lessons depending on student need, progress and feedback.

The learning outcome for all classes is:Students will use a range of mental strategies based on partitioning and combining to solve multiplication and division problems with multi-digit whole numbers.

This learning outcome is broken down further into strategies that the students are exposed to in order to develop their part-whole thinking in mathematics. Classes focused on developing strategies to support problem solving with multiplication, namely place value and modeling with arrays.

Students were able to demonstrate the learning process to their parents through a mini-lesson with the teacher, participate in a related independent activity with their parents and play a supporting game to help reinforce the connected knowledge with the learning outcome.

Students reported enjoying being able to showcase their learning of mathematics to their parents and particularly enjoyed being able to show them the different ways we learn in the classroom.

I really liked it because we got to share what we usually did in class with our parents. And also we got to tell them what we’d learned and also how we do math in class because it wasn’t a normal open house but this time I’m glad we only shared math. ”


 I liked it because we got to teach them what they didn’t know. And we shared what we do at the classroom normally and they teach us something that they know too.

I liked it because we got to share our experiences in class about math and we got to share with our parents to make them proud of you."


Parents appreciated the opportunity to see how Mathematics is taught in a P7 (Grade 4) classroom at TISA and felt challenged by some of the tasks we asked them to participate in. We certainly have a group of learners who are prepared to think flexibly and take calculated risk with their learning. We appreciated the way our students confidently presented their understandings.

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