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The PTA raises funds throughout the year to support our goal of enhancing our children’s learning environment at TISA. Most funds are raised at Winter Fair and other PTA events as well as through the sale of school merchandise from the TISA shop.

School Enrichment

Through team work, inclusion and the involvement of the whole school community, we can improve the experience for our children at TISA.


In 2015-16 we purchased the following items:
- Portable Theatre Lights
- Speakers for school and extra-curricular performances 
- Large Art Canvases: Painted collectively, these now decorate the secondary school hallway.
- Team Gear for Swim Team
- Leavers' Hoodies

Grant ideas for 2016-17 are currently sought, if you have a suggestions, please let us know!

School Contributions

The PTA sponsored fruit and ice cream for all students at Sports Days and gifts for all women working at TISA on International Women's Day.


Through team work, inclusion and involvement of the whole school community, we can improve the lives of people in need.
Tisa PTA values the support of a large group of volunteers from our school community, organised by the Charity Committee. Half of all funds raised at PTA events directly supports our sponsored charities. The Charity Committee also raises funds through table rentals at the second hand sales, private donations and donations of proceeds from the community events, gifts from your generous support in the Giving Tree drive. The PTA Charity Committee carefully vets a selection of charities in Azerbaijan to ensure that the funds raised support people and projects aligned with the TISA Charity mission. All support is delivered to our sponsored charities (named and underlined below) through purchased goods and volunteer services rather than cash subsidies. Purchases are considered and made by the Charity Committee and PTA representative board.
In 2015-2016, TISA PTA Charity funds were spent on the following:

Autoclave Sterilization Machine for the Mobile Dental Clinic. The dental van visits six orphanages twice per year. In 2015 it serviced 1033 children.

Umid Yeri Street Children Centre is a transition house for street children awaiting residency in an orphanage.  We paid for the repair of the shuttle bus that transports children from the home to their school. We also purchased bedding and kitchen ware. A tuition grant was given to 18 year old Elmeddin.

We purchased a server for the UAFA United Aid for Azerbaijan office, as well as learning toys and hygiene & sanitation products for their Mardakan orphanage.

The MUSHVIG – Disabled Children Centre is a day centre with occupational, physical, speech, art, family centred therapy that aims to assist disabled children integrate into society. We purchased learning toys and stationary.

PTA Charity works with the training centre at UNHCR - The UN Refugee Centre. We purchased knitting courses along with materials, school supplies and paid for a renovation of the library.

The House of Charity provides primary care for homeless elderly and handicapped people and hospice care to terminally ill homeless people. It also offers relief to desperate families through offer of food parcels, clothing, household items and school supplies. We purchased an adjustable medical bed, two wheel chairs, kitchen supplies, sanitary products for elderly, and a kitchen table with chairs.

Special Project “Let’s Reunite the Family”. Two children at the Umid Street Centre were separated from their mother due to the severely deteriorated structure of her home. This project launched by C&S students will unfold in three phases. Phase 1 is the purchase of land for a new family house. Phase 2 and 3 will be to obtain a building permit and build a new house. We contributed to phase 1 to finalize purchase of land, building of walls and installation of a gate.

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