M3 Community Projects on Photostream!

Identities and Relationships

Bruce & Menno

PROJECT: Carrying out a Swimathon to Raise Awareness and Funds for the Azerbaijan Physiotherapy Association & Vunderkind Child Development Centre.

Always try your best to reach your goals.

Franco, Wyatt & Rufat

PROJECT: Gathering Supplies for the Sisters of Charity (SOC)

Always take risks and be confident to complete tasks.

Dominic & Emma

PROJECT: Helping Children at the Azerbaijan Physiotherapy Association (SOC)

Plan ahead and always prepare yourself for hurdles to come.

Vanya, Andy, Huseyn & Khaled

PROJECT: Providing Toys, Clothes and Learning Resources for the Children at the Ümid Yeri Shelter. Interacting with the Children.

Organizing is a key part of the community project.

Nazrin & Zohra

PROJECT: Arts and Crafts Workshop, Entertaining Children, Expressing Cultures.

Ideas without action are worthless

Teah, Maria & Abby

PROJECT: Providing Resources for the Children at the Ümid Yeri Shelter.

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person

Kai, Jenna & Roberta

PROJECT: Preparing Animals for Adoption at IDEA.

It’s not just humans that need love, animals have the same feelings we do.

Soner, Devid & Harrish

PROJECT: Teaching English to the Refugees in the UNHCR Centre.

Sometimes we had some problems on planning so you need be fully planned AND READY for everything.

Aylin, Gery & Zach

PROJECT: Speech and Debate Workshops

You must work with those around you to teach them expression through spoken language and words. Make effort to educate individuals on how to make their voice heard.

Fidan & Latife

PROJECT: Donating to IDEA Animal Care Center.

We can judge a heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

Personal and Cultural Expression

Katie & Marina

PROJECT: A Creative Club for the Upper Primary School.

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, so you have to be ready for that and have a plan B.

Ben & Henry

PROJECT: Having Parties with the Children, Donating Sports Equipment, Toys & Food at the Umid Yeri. Interacting with the Children.

Always plan in advance as people could always be busy.

Fairness and Development

Raul, Sid & Ari

PROJECT: Helping the Animals at IDEA IACC.

Dangerous Animals are in the Eye of the Beholder.

Ruby & Luna

PROJECT: Providing Products for Baku Street Dogs.

Be kind to every kind, not just mankind.

Rashad & Shayan

PROJECT: Having Physical Donations Sent to the Jabrayil School.

You can do way more than you actually think, don’t underestimate your potential.

Martina & Kimberly

PROJECT: Help the Animals by Walking with Them and Buying Things for Them.

Humans are not the only animals trying to survive this world.

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