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At TISA we recognise that technology should serve a vital role in preparing our students for life in an ever-changing, technology-dependent, inter-connected world. The focus of the IT Department is twofold: to constantly improve the IT infrastructure to enable access to reliable operations of systems and devices at school, and to integrate technology into everyday learning in a meaningful way; to enhance collaboration among students, help teachers with delivering differentiated instruction and empower students and teachers to create spectacular work in ways that were previously inconceivable. All students at TISA have access to a device with a standard set of software as part of the 1 to 1 Technology Program: Our secondary students are issued with individual MacBooks, which they are able to use both at school and at home. In the primary school, students in P6 to P8 have access to individual MacBooks, while students in P3 to P5 have access to individual iPads. These devices are kept at school.

A Vision for Technology Use at TISA

Our students will effectively and responsibly connect and communicate locally and globally. They will continually inquire and reflect, express their understanding and engage in authentic individual and collaborative learning. The integration and application of technology in teaching and learning will facilitate and enhance these skills and knowledge.

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