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The Heritage Project was very interesting because we got to connect with our family roots, and learn new things about our families.

The M3 students have been working on their Heritage Fair for three months - putting challenging, but rewarding, hours into researching their family roots and their home country’s culture, heritage and folklore. Some students engaged their family members to draw up meticulous family trees; others delved into the folk tales of their home nation, and some were inspired by their country’s recent and ancient political histories. At the fair itself, the students gave presentations and answered questions in the language of their study - Spanish, Russian and French.

I enjoyed speaking a new language to teach others about my culture and family roots.

The feel of the Languages Heritage Fair would not have been complete or authentic without the little ‘extras’ that our students have prepared for us. These are the traditional dresses students worn to represent their culture, the tiny flags that adorned the hallways, the folk ornaments, books and finger bites from the national cuisines.

It was challenging to communicate with our judges and other families, but good to practice Russian in a "real" environment.

For TISA family, this was a great opportunity to learn new things about our diverse and multicultural student body, as well as listen in on the increasing proficiency of our students in speaking new languages. The mood was festive and colourful - with fantastic achievement all around.

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