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Congratulations to all our 2017 graduates! Graduation celebrations are a perfect way to bring the academic year to a close, look back at past achievements, and embrace the engaging, empowering, and inspiring experiences yet to come. The DP2s kicked off the graduation season in style, with our student speakers Elvin, Armin, Nadine and Aania recounting the best of their TISA memories and anticipating the challenges ahead with grace, humility and humour. TISA is proud to have these young men and women join the ranks of our alumni, bidding them farewell in their journey ahead, and will miss all of them dearly. Many of them have been at TISA since the early years of the Primary School, their talents, initiatives and growth nurtured by TISA's staff, fellow students, and family.

The M5s carried the graduation season onwards, celebrating the inspiring finish to their MYP and graduation into the Diploma Programme. This year's M5 class was one of TISA's largest ever, with 28 out of 34 students to carry on at TISA next year. Their story this academic year is that of the mavericks: they were the first of TISA's MYP students to undergo IB MYP E-Assessments, and they took their Personal Projects, for the first time, to Georgia and shared them with the students from other IB schools. The M5s are to be commended for their significant involvement in the community initiatives locally and abroad, broadening TISA's ties to the environment we thrive in. Bravo M5s and have great summer!

Last but not least, we have celebrated a milestone in a child's and a student's life: the graduation from the Primary to the Middle Years' programme. Their engaging entry into the MYP and the Secondary School started from the largest ever PYP Exhibition, where they have shown us that people working together to take responsible action can change the world. The idea took hold, with parents, faculty and students, both Primary and Secondary, chipping in to evolve the exhibition into a forum of empowering and inspiring live discussions. In their P8-M1 transition week, the P8s got to meet their future teachers, student peers, and even participate in the annual Sports Day with the Secondary School for the first time! Finally, they've invited all of TISA community to celebrate their success and achievement all along TISA's halls.

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