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Lower Primary Sports Day Pics! Upper Primary Sports Day Pics!

My sports day was wonderful, fun & learning, amazing, ok, a lot of running, terrific, and too short.

Both Sports Days of May 31 and June 1st were enjoyed by all students and spectators alike. The competition started with the Red Lankaran, Yellow Guba, Blue Ganja and Green Nakhchivan Houses parading into the TISA-5 gymnasium with their house cheers and chants.

My favourite was tchouckball, because everyone was cheering each other on and we were good at it and got into a rhythm right away.

I loved volleyball, because we were cooperating, with a lot of effort and attitude.

Mr. Chris Andre, our school Director addressed the audience with the opening remarks. He stressed that in all sporting competitions, it is important for all athletes to show sportsmanship, to demonstrate positive team spirit, and to have fun while competing. We then welcomed another special guest, Ms. Leticia, Ms. Guler, Ms. Elnura, Ms. Sophie and Ms. Amelia who took the stage and lead everyone in an action-packed Zumba session. All students showed their best Zumba skills and were certainly ready for the sports day after this warm-up!

We worked together and we passed the ball to every one and we played fair

The mood was festive and all students were eager to take part in the various sporting activities.  Well done to all for doing your best and being part of your team’s efforts ”Reaching for Success”.

My favourite was javelin throw, because lots of people were cheering for me, even from the other teams!

I love zumba, because it's upbeat and you do not need to worry about getting points and just have fun.

I hit three points in football almost every time and did my personal best

A Big “Thank You” to the PTA for the fruits and ice cream, to all parents, P8 student volunteers and TISA staff for their help in making sure everything went smoothly, from scoring points to cheering on and encouraging our athletes. Everyone appreciated the efforts of our photographers Ms. Sandra, Ms. Alison, Ms. Rosa and Mr. Einar for taking pictures of all the athletes in action.

In the end, all students left TISA 5 sweaty and exhausted, but with a big smile on their face and an ice cream cone in their hand!

1st: Blue Ganja 2nd: Red Lankaran 3rd: Green Nakhchivan 4th: Yellow Guba
1335 Pts 1315 Pts 1235 Pts 1105 Pts
1st: Green Nakhchivan 2nd: Yellow Guba 3rd: Red Lankaran 4th: Blue Ganja
1615 Pts 1505 Pts 1495 Pts 1455 Pts

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