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TISA's engaging, empowering and inspiring 2016-17 Academic Year draws to a close, but the school halls are still bustling with activity and our students are exploring fresh ideas and making new discoveries. Today, the P7s have offered parents, faculty and fellow students an insight into the latest areas of inquiry: "Heritage and Artifacts". These gave the P7s an opportunity to tell us multi-faceted and complex stories of different civilisations and societies, while employing the visual medium of arts and crafts as a story-telling device. The central theme is "Preserving heritage allows values and traditions to be passed to the future generations." Let's see what the students have to say about their crafts:

I made an old Victorian boat with wood and polished with colour - Ready to Sail!

I made this Orange Tree out of real twigs and the oranges I made out of clay. The orange tree is considered a symbol of Sicily, where people never pick any oranges so that the trees stay fresh, alive and brightly beautiful.

This Greek warship has eyes because the Greeks believed that the ship can see its enemies to better sink them.

Hermes' Staff is pure gold with snakes that change forms, they can talk and can help Hermes in his search for messages. Feathers and wings are for decoration only.

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