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I’ve learnt that before realising an idea, communication and support is important.

- Sabina, BSB

It all began with a conversation 3 months ago when Nicola Beale met with Fegan Huseynov, the After-School Activity Coordinator of the Istak school group. The schools wanted to get involved with the Eco Baku Bag project and develop their action program. "Repurposed," our successful whole-school art exhibition in early November has been used strategically to be the catalysis for many environmental projects at TISA and as Nicola had envisioned, these initiatives had spread far beyond TISA’s walls.

Thank you very much for the excellent workshop, I found it very useful, informative and thought-provoking.

- Mehriban, Oxbridge Academy

So three months later, here we are. Twenty-seven teachers from local and international schools gathered together, listening to TISA students, teachers and presenters from IDEA, Camping Azerbaijan and recycling in Baku.

Our goals are to:


Connect with people interested in setting-up or developing local action.


Ourselves and others to make a difference, by sharing ideas and support.


Provide activities and support to inspire ourselves and students to take local action.

I learnt that a team of people is important.

- Lisa, ABC

I gained many ideas, learnt how to organize them and got resource contacts.

- Rovnag, Lyceum 6

All attending teachers also learnt how to make an Eco Baku Bag and will now take their new understandings back to their schools to develop their school action components.

In the end, all students left TISA 5 sweaty and exhausted, but with a big smile on their face and an ice cream cone in their hand!

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