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Buddies was fun because I had fun colouring with my buddy. I thought the story was nice because it was short and we wrote a good ending.

- Anna, P6

Students from M3 (13 year-olds) and P6J (8 year-olds) have started to meet regularly to take part in reading and writing activities. During the 40 minute session, students and teachers collaborate developing confidence with English language activities, as well as supporting new students who are language learners.

I learned that Ericka has her own style of writing.

- Geri, M3

I learned that Geri is very good with computers.

- Ericka, P6

This week the M3 students shared the opening of the short story "Robert and The Dog" by Ken Saro Wiwa and the P6 were asked to write alternative endings, considering the moral of the tale.The P6 students added creativity and imagination with alternative story endings have some unexpected twists and turns. M3 students reinforced their knowledge about character, plot, setting and symbolism.

Buddies was good because I like making stories and I drew pictures and I also love drawing.

- Seyoung, M4

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