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Our visitors were nice and friendly and overall we all had a great experience.

- Luca, M1B

Some of our visitors were amazing artists and I would love them to teach us how to paint.

- Aminah, M1B

In M1 Individuals and Societies, English classes and in Service as Action we have been addressing the Statement of Inquiry: We can communicate how it is possible to imagine a more hopeful future despite inequality and lack of choice.

Looking back over this unit we investigated about refugees and how we can help them imagine a hopeful future despite inequality and lack of choice. At first we visited the UNHCR center and interviewed the children there to begin our research. In collaboration with DP1 CAS students, we invited some of the children to TISA and led different activities for them such as art, English and sports. When we got to know them better we invited 25 children from the center to spend the day with us at TISA.

The kids from the UNHCR centre were so cool.

- Tom, M1B

This is how we planned the Enrichment Day. We ran a mini-sports/games day in the morning, had lunch together and in the afternoon we ran different Arts and Crafts mini-workshops. Later on in the afternoon we did a whole group activity, a stone river. Each student from TISA and UNHCR painted a stone which we will place around our pond. This will symbolise the ties between our schools and be a lasting memory of our day together. Overall we think that the project went well and we would all love to do it again. By taking this action we have learnt how to communicate with children of different nationalities even if we do not speak the same language.

I met new kids and it was fun meeting them, and playing football and sports with them. Some of the kids were actually good at football and I enjoyed playing with them. We also played dodgeball and it was very fun. After the day we had lunch together then we started to paint rocks. I was in a group with some refugees so I now I know them better, I asked them some questions, like if they liked to paint rocks and they said they did like it. After painting rocks we all went and had ice cream and talked. Yesterday was a great day and I really liked playing with the refugees, I wish there could be a next time so we could have more fun. I really liked the day.

- Diego, M1B

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