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The two tournament days are great because for me they are just so much fun and all you are expected to do is to try your best, cheer others on and to have a great time.

- Minna, M1

On the weekend of the 7th and 8th of May, TISA students triumphed over the competition in all divisions and events at the SRAA Track and Field Meet. Personal Bests were shattered and gold medals were won in a weekend of success for TISA student athletes.

To start off with the Junior Girls, P8 and M1 girls performed adamantly over the weekend - this was their first season of Track and Field, and showed everyone how it is done. One of the more successful first-timers was McKenna, who got golds in running and throwing events. Minna, her fellow athlete, kept the bar high. She was sick on Friday, but came back on Saturday and won three golds and one silver in just one day.

This years track and field tournament was a great example of what TISA’s athletes are made of. Thriving to be the best through hard hours of training and dedication ultimately paid off.

- Patrick, M4

With golds in every event but two, the Junior Boys, likewise, gave a stellar performance as a unit. Francis whizzed past the competition, receiving six medals, five of them being gold. Many of the Junior Boys expect more success when transitioning to the Intermediate Division: their and TISA’s athletic future seems bright. With M4s gone to the Senior Divisions, the younger Intermediate Girls had to up their game. And they did! YeBin and Limonie showed that they lacked no talent of the older girls, winning 4 Golds 2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes just between the two.

This years track meet was a tricky one. Being a DP1 and also having the SAT tests on the same day made it a huge struggle. The [coaches] tried their best to squeeze me in and ask for extra time.

- Suleyman, DP1

An experienced team of Intermediate Boys had no equals they took charge of the SRAA Track & Field Meet until the last race was done and dusted.  Sam came home with six medals, blitzing a variety of events from Jumping to Sprinting. He and the fellow M4s are gone to the Senior Divisions next year, but with a strong crop of younger M2s and M3s all getting medals, there is little to worry about next year.

We all gave it our all, and we all got what we deserved.

- Sam, M5

Dominance would be an understatement for the Senior Girls performance this weekend, winning everything they could. Maria from DP2 was the pride of the squad, pulling off a feat of balancing her DP exams and not only partaking, but amassing five superb medals in High Jump, 4x400 Relay, Short- and Long-Distance Running. Hopefully, athletes like Yulia and Nastja will fill her boots next year, and build on her success.

It was a challenging weekend, it wasn't made challenging by the other teams but rather the high skill and abundance of TISA Track and Field athletes.

- Andrew, M4

Sweeping the medal table is no longer news for the Senior boys, it’s a yearly tradition. Our own superstar, Suleyman, pushed through SATs, tied his boots up, and joined us in time to win all but one of the events he competed in. He was handed the MVP Award for his performance this Monday. Our hearts, however, were with Michael, who was injured in the great 100m run and could not taste victory. Next year, he will return to the track, and his competitors will be left scrambling for the second place. He will be joined by many of the same faces will be seen in the next edition of the Senior Boys’ Track and Field squad.

The Meet was yet another opportunity for TISA students to demonstrate their talent and finesse as top Track & Field athletes, inspiring the rest of the TISA student community to get their running shoes and catch up!

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