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You will be required to complete an online application form and to submit the following documents and forms digitally:

  • A copy of your child’s passport or birth certificate
  • A photograph of your child
  • Official school records or transcripts from the previous school(s) in English
  • Student health form
  • Student language form

  • For Primary School: An email address of the child’s current homeroom teacher. This will enable our online application system to send the TISA Primary reference form directly to the teacher for completion.

  • For Secondary School: An email address of the child’s current:
    • Mathematics teacher
    • English teacher
    • Counselor
    • This will enable our online application system to send three TISA Secondary recommendation forms directly to the teachers for completion.

Priority for Admissions

Priority for admissions into TISA is as follows:

1. Children of BP and AIOC shareholder company employees. 
2. Children of employees of oil and gas businesses and service companies which have a strategic interest in the long- term sustainability of TISA.
3. Children of diplomatic missions and non oil/gas multi-national interests.

TISA may admit students not in these categories taking into account available space in classes and the availability of specialist learning or language support services, which TISA considers to be deemed necessary.

Secondary School Admissions Assessments

Once the supporting documents are in order, students applying for Secondary School may be invited to write assessments in the following subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Placement Testing for Foreign Language (if necessary)
  • Science for Diploma Programme applicants

Students in need of English Language Support will be assessed for placement purposes.

Admissions Timeline

The academic year at TISA starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June. Applicants for admission are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible as the school may be full at certain class levels.

The expected process time of an application is approximately 2 weeks. Applications made during the summer will be processed within 2 weeks of the official start of the new school year. The process time may be extended if additional testing or diagnosis is deemed necessary.

Applications to the Diploma Program (DP1 and DP2) will only be considered if made before the start of the academic year or if a student is transferring from an equivalent IB Diploma Program. All Diploma Program applicants will be contacted by the Program Coordinator to arrange a short Skype or telephone interview.

Students applying for the upcoming academic year from within Azerbaijan and those wishing to transfer from another school in Baku need to apply before May 1st.

Admissions Decision

After reviewing the results of the assessments and the school records received, an admissions decision will be made in accordance with the school’s admissions criteria, including:
  • Age of applicant
  • Class size and availability
  • English Language proficiency
  • Previous school records and recommendations
  • IB Program experience if the student is applying for the Diploma Programme
  • Admissions test/academic ability (where applicable).

TISA reserves the right to refuse admission based on inadequate or incomplete school records or application forms. TISA also reserves the right to decline admission if, in our opinion, TISA’s program will not benefit the applicant or an admissions decision would negatively impact our responsibility to current students.

TISA reserves the right to determine placement of the applicant in the grade level or subjects deemed most appropriate for the student’s school experience and age.

Acceptance to TISA does not guarantee student enrollment beyond the initial year, which will be dependent on maintaining acceptable levels of academic progress, school attendance and behavior.

Admissions Guidelines for Students applying for P1-P4 who have not previously attended an Early Years or School Program

  • P1 or P2 applicants will be asked to join in one or more observation visits.
  • P3 or P4 applicants will be asked to join for an assessment or class visit.

The observing/assessing TISA personnel will produce an evaluation report for admissions and any recommendations.

Admissions Guidelines for Students Needing English Language Support (EAL)

English language proficiency is essential for academic success at TISA. TISA endeavors to provide support, insofar as school resources allow. Admission of students who are in need of EAL depends on the following factors:
  • Number of places available in the EAL program
  • Grade level of the applicant

Students are expected to cope with language demands of mainstream classes in all subjects at the beginning of M4 (Grade 9).

If possible the EAL Coordinator will conduct a pre-enrollment evaluation with results communicated to parents, including information about further placement. In the case that it is not possible to pre-assess, EAL students will be assessed the first day of school in Primary and the first week of school in Secondary.

Students will not attend Foreign Language classes until a final decision on placement has been taken and communicated to the relevant teachers.

Admissions Guidelines for Students with Special Educational Needs

The school has no special provision for children with significant learning or physical disabilities, but is able to offer support for minor learning difficulties through differentiation and in class support.

The Learning Support Coordinator will conduct a pre-enrollment evaluation or assess the students in the first week of school, and share results with parents - including information about further placement.

Students will not attend Foreign Language classes until a final decision on placement is made and communicated to the relevant teachers.

If a student requires full time (1:1) learning support, the parents will be expected to find and cover the full costs of a Learning Support Assistant. This assistant must be approved by TISA.

Please provide any assessments or reports that will help our Admissions Officer and Learning Support Coordinator decide if or how we can meet the individual needs of your child.

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